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I'm in the midst of raising money for a real estate syndication and found this book to be incredible. Great content. An absolute must read if you're raising private funds.

Adam Balsinger

This immediately became a #1 recommended reading for investors I know looking to raise private money or participate in a private equity raise as an investor. All the information you need is in this book!


This book is the real deal. Written in plain English and easy to understand. This book is a great value for anyone looking to put together a syndication or even for those just looking to participate in one.


Easy to read and understand. Learned a lot. OMG, you don't know what you don't know until you read it here, I'm baffled such things as sending a blast email to people could get you in trouble. This book's worth 100,000 times its money.


Kim is a professional that understands the business and can help you navigate the SEC rules. If you are raising money buy this book!

J Beal

This book contains information to help you:


Comply with NEW laws that apply to all business entities and certain offerings


Avoid fraud in your syndicate 


Gain confidence in raising money and structuring your deals 


Stop leaving money on the table

Table Of Contents

  • Disclaimer And Release From Liability
  • Book Resources Page
  • Table Of Contents
  • What Others Say
    • Chapter 1 – What Is A Real Estate Syndicate Or Fund?
    • Chapter 2 – What Can You Buy With A Syndicate Or Fund?
    • Chapter 3 – Why Syndicate Or Create A Fund?
    • Chapter 4 – Real Estate Attorney v. Securities Attorney
  • Section 2 — How To Comply With Securities Laws
    • Chapter 5 – Duties Owed To Investors
    • Chapter 6 – Joint Ventures or Securities, What’s the Difference?
    • Chapter 7 – Overview of Securities Exemptions
    • Chapter 8 – Federal Securities Exemptions You Need To Know
    • Chapter 9 – Regulation S: The Exemption For Non-U.S. Investors
    • Chapter 10 – Required Federal and State Securities Notice Filings
    • Chapter 11 – What’s in a Securities Offering?
    • Chapter 12 – The Perils of Drafting Your Own Offering Documents
  • Section 3 — What Offering Model Will You Use?
    • Chapter 13 – Specified Offerings or Syndicates
    • Chapter 14 – Blind Pool Funds
    • Chapter 15 – Funds of Funds
    • Chapter 16 – How to Start An Investment Club
    • Chapter 17 – Is Your Offering Viable?
  • Section 4 — What Corporate Structure Will you Use?
    • Chapter 18 – How To Structure Entities For A JV, Syndicate, Or Fund
    • Chapter 19 – 1031 Exchange Options, TICs & DSTs
    • Chapter 20 – Assigning Member Rights And Duties
    • Chapter 21 – How To Split Cash In A Syndicate Or Fund
    • Chapter 22 – Cash Distributions & Waterfalls
    • Chapter 23 – How To Name the Entities in Your Syndicate or Fund
    • Chapter 24 – Where To Form Your Entities
  • Section 5 — How To Legally Solicit Investors
    • Chapter 25 – Soliciting Investors for a Rule 506(b) Offering
    • Chapter 26 – How To Legally Compensate Capital Raisers Or Finders
    • Chapter 27 – How to Create an Effective Pitch Deck or Presentation
  • Section 6 – How to Run Your Investment Company
    • Chapter 28 – How To Run Your Company
    • Chapter 29 – How Cash Flows in a Syndicate or Fund
    • Chapter 30 – Complying With the Corporate Transparency Act
    • Chapter 31 – Avoiding Fraud in Your Syndicate or Fund
    • Chapter 32 – 10 Things to Ask Before Investing in a Syndicate or Fund
  • About the Author



The second installment of the #1 best-seller, “How to Legally Raise Private Money,” includes new and improved content, updated laws, and essential information that new or seasoned syndicators or fund managers can implement immediately.

About the author

Corporate Securities Attorney Kim Lisa Taylor and her firm, Syndication Attorneys, PLLC, have created over $4,000,000,000 in securities offerings for clients raising money from private investors. She routinely speaks at real estate related live and virtual events in front of audiences of ≥1,000. 

How to Raise Capital for Real Estate Legally

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