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Bonus Chapters

How to Impress Investors With Professional Marketing Tools

An In-Depth Guide to Legal Entities Including TICs and DSTs

The Dangers Of Using AI To Create Syndication Documents

Quick Reference Tables

Comparison of 3 Common Waterfalls
Crowdfunding & Investor Management Platforms
Crowdfunding Categories
Federal Securities Exemptions
Federal v State Securities Exemptions
Investor Marketing Materials Checklist
Legal Entities Side by Side

Referenced Material Library

2022 SEC Small Business Capital Raising Annual Report
Accredited Investors – Updated SEC Definitions
Federal Register – Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting Requirements
No Action Letter from SEC Citizen VC, Inc. August 6, 2015
No Action Letter Request to SEC Citizen VC, Inc

No Action Letter United States Property Investment

Reg D Rule 504 Exemption up to $10M

SEC Fact Sheet Rule 506(d) Bad Actors & Rule 506 Offerings

SEC Guidance Investment Clubs and the SEC Amendments to Regulation A Filing and Amending a Form D Notice